Bring it harder than me

Cuse Divas and Cuse Kings compete around the country in highly competitive dance tournaments. Many of the kids have not been outside of the city let alone the state, an important feature of the team for the parents and owners because they want the children to know that there is much more to the world than just Syracuse.

The winter of 2016 they are headed to Pittsburgh to compete in the “Bring it to the Burg” dance majorette competition and they have high expectations. They have finished 1st in almost every competition, and they hope the trend to continue.

At times, it is easy to forget that these performers are kids. They operate with the precision and attitude of a professional dance team. When they show signs of adolescence, it is surprising.

They experience complex emotional feelings like fear, joy, exhaustion, and anxiousness during their training and competitions together. They practice more than 25 hours a week on top of high academic requirements.

Their schedules and expectations are more similar to adults, but their spirit remains that of a child awestruck by the world he/she observes.

Family may be the best way to describe what they have. They have challenges just like any other but seem to end up closer when adversity hits.