Newhouse MVJ 2017

Newhouse Military Visual Journalism

About Newhouse MVJ 2017

The stories showcased in this website are created by 32 students in the Military Photojournalism (MPJ) and Military Motion Media (MMM) programs. These stories are some of the final stories created by these students and showcase the skills they’ve attained and the work they’ve produced during their journey through one of the nation’s foremost recognized programs for journalism and photography. This website celebrates the culmination of their 10-month program to create advanced storytellers for the Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Army.


Caged Together

By Royce Dorman

Growing Empire

By Gabriela Garcia

In her Pryme

By Tony D. Curtis

It’s Not Gender Based

By Carlin Leslie

Mr. E

By Melissa Parrish

Tom Earley: Metal Polisher

By Liam Kennedy


By Cody Hendrix