Newhouse MVJ 2018

CrossFit Cures

Kristin Ciciarelli is unlike anyone I’ve ever met. She has a normal 9-5 job as an emergency operations worker at Syracuse University, and workouts with her friends in her spare time. What makes Kristin so unique is her lust for life, and anything that can make her better. She isn’t afraid to fail, or sweat for that matter. She is a Cross Fitter.

I meant Kristin after half-heartedly asking around the local CrossFit gym for subjects on a project. I wasn’t quite so interested in covering something that was in the same place that I worked out in, but I thought I might ask to see what kind of reception I got. My introduction was something like this: “I’d like to tell a story about someone who’s struggled. I don’t want the average gym goer, I want to put someone on display who’s earned it.” Without hesitation and in unison, three gentlemen in the room said “Kristin!”

Fortunately for me, Kristin wasn’t shy, she warmed up quickly. She wasn’t used to being the center of attention, not that she hadn’t earned it. Kristin has been with the CrossFit community for four years, and has lost a whopping 80 pounds over that time. She’s gone from being an introvert who smokes to having a whole new family that supports her decisions to get healthy.

In the process of our time together, I learned three things about Kristin. One: she’s probably the most resilient person I’ve ever met, and that includes service members. Two: She’s a fitness fanatic in the best way possible, putting her training above almost all else. Three: Kristin will do anything to help others feel the way she does about her health and fitness. She doesn’t patronize newcomers as a coach, and she never got discouraged when someone said they wanted to quit. She scoops them up out of their sweat puddle, and shows them her before and after photos. “If I can, you can.”

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