Newhouse MVJ 2018

Future by Design

Amanda Stewart is more than a hairstylist. When I met her in November, I knew within a short time of talking to her that she had a larger story to tell. After spending the past few months with her shooting video and photos, I found out so much about her life and realized just how much depth there is to her. She is not just a hair stylist, but an award winning one. She placed first in a Goldwell color competition, a state wide color and style competition. Her first place win won her a magazine cover and master color classes at Goldwell’s New York City academy. She also recently took a job as a local fashion designer’s lead makeup artist, doing all the makeup for his shows. This includes Syracuse Fashion Week, shows across central New York, and most recently a run way show and gala hosted on a cruise ship in New York City. She is also certified in micro blading or semi-permanent eye brow tattooing. Amanda took classes to earn her professional certification and is the only certified microblader at Revive Salon. At revive Salon, Amanda does everything from standard haircuts to specialty pastel and bright colors like pinks and blues. Her bold styles and innovative thinking has earned her notoriety throughout Syracuse, but her dreams and aspirations are much larger than just the city. Her ultimate goal is to one day do high fashion hair and makeup for high profile runway shows and red carpet events. To make that dream a reality, Amanda often spends her days off sketching future looks, in the salon on Monday’s (when it is closed to the public) bringing those sketches to life, and scheduling photo shoots to showcase her work and market her skill set. Ironically, Amanda did not grown up with dreams of runways and celebrity clients. The 23 year old went to college as a biology major. Her fist dream was to learn the science that goes into makeup and hair products and work behind the scenes in chemistry to develop new products. She said she has always been creative, and when the science path didn’t satisfy her, she turned to using her creativity full time and never looked back. On top of her constantly busy work life, she is also a mom. Olivia, 1, and Aiden, 4, are the center of Amanda’s world. She says that her kids are her biggest motivation and as much as she wants to accomplish all of her dreams, she also wants to show them that they can do anything they set their minds to. And though she is a single mom, she doesn’t let that slow her down even a bit. Amanda is a force of nature — driven, passionate, and more determined than most to turn her dreams into reality. It is only a matter of time before this Syracuse native is making headlines.

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