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Newhouse MVJ 2023

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Welcome to the Military Visual Journalism program at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School

Since 1963, the Newhouse School has had an active-duty military student presence in its halls and classes. It began with the Navy and their desire to bring Navy photojournalists to a higher level—to match the newspaper journalists of the day. The program, now named the Military Visual Journalism Program (MVJ), sent enlisted sailors to the school for 10 months. Seeing the success of the program, soon other services wanted this type of education for their photojournalists and the program grew in numbers.

For the first 25 years, the program taught mostly photojournalism, photography (film developing and printing), law and writing. But in 1993, a motion media track was added. Along with writing and law, this group took classes in broadcast journalism and television/radio/film.

As of 2023, MVJ has a track in graphic design, as well as the photojournalism and digital/broadcast journalism track. Curriculum has changed as the school keeps current to accommodate the changes in communication and storytelling.

After 60 years, the military visual journalism program is part of the fiber of the Newhouse School, and we are proud of this partnership and the nation’s storytellers that we shape.