Newhouse MVJ 2018

When Life Hands You Animals, Start A Farm.

Lucille Law left what she had known in Queens, New York when her daughter became ill, and decided to purchase a bit of land in Central, New York. Her family took precedence, and a friend gave them their first cow. Lucille hadn’t a clue what to do with a farm animal, but learned how to care for the miscellaneous animals coming her way. Before she knew it, she had a horse,  some pigs, goats, and chickens. “Ten years later, I’m still learning every single day.”

Lucille has an array of birds in her barn and goats, cows, a horse, and a donkey in her pasture. “All of god’s creatures have a job, they all live in unity, but they all protect one another. The Guinee Hen eats the ticks and the snakes, the donkey chases off the coyotes, while the ducks and chickens provide eggs. It’s such a beautiful relationship they all have.”


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