Newhouse MVJ 2022

Worlds Away

Found within 180 state parks, beyond the concrete jungle of New York lies a vast wilderness.

More then 2,000 miles of hiking and biking trails carve through the state. Stunning views and many textures of landscapes draw people from all over the U.S. Among the hills, tower the forty-six peaks of the Adirondack Mountains. Surrounded by 6.2 million acres, it’s a sought-after destination for hikers and climbers whose goal is to reach the top of every peak and join the “46er’s club.” Flowing through the valleys are over 7,600 lakes and ponds, as well as 70,000 miles of rivers and streams. It’s a paradise for recreational fishing, kayaking, and canoing.

Whether they come to sleep under the stars, to feel the exhilaration of fighting and landing a big fish, or push their physical limits to reach a mountain summit, more than 78 million visitors per year have escaped to find their connection to the wild.

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