Newhouse MVJ 2019

Raymond Minami


My name is Raymond J. Minami, you can call me Ray. I joined the United States Navy in June 2013 and continued on a life adventure i had began a few years earlier, in 2009, when I joined the world renowned Explorers Club. the main goal of this adventure being to see amazing things iv’e never seen before. I was lucky enough to achieve the title of Mass Communication Specialist in 2015 and from that, my life changed forever by turning me into a photojournalist. I have photographed and broadcasted from the Pacific to Atlantic, from the Mediterranean to the Arabian Gulf. All of that experience, hard work and dedication has led me to continuing my education here at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication, so that i can successfully lead and innovate in today’s communications industry. I plan to take this newly gained knowledge and share it with the Sailors I serve with in the fleet, to create a stronger naval public affairs approach.

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